Fuel Prices Got You Down? Give Yourself A Break!

Fuel Prices Got You Down? Give Yourself A Break!

road trip into the High Sierra

The whole world has watched in dismay, as fuel prices slowly but steadily rose over the past year, then spiked sharply when the Russians invaded Ukraine in February. Only in the past few weeks has the cost of fuel started to go down at the pump. Yet there’s still much of the summer and the entire fall left to enjoy a vacation to the great outdoors!

What’s a weary worker to do? You say you can’t afford the gas to do such a trip? Actually, we think you still can.

Just get here.

See, in our world, the only gas you’ll have to pay for is to reach us in beautiful Mono County, California. You don’t even need to take a big gas-hogging truck, because you won’t need to haul an RV! That’s right. Just bring yourselves and whatever clothing and gear you need, and maybe your food (unless you just want to stock up when you get here).

We’ll not only provide the camper, we’ll be the ones to haul it to whichever of our affiliate campgrounds you choose. We’ll position it in your campsite, clean and sanitize it, set it up and make it move-in ready for when you arrive. All you have to do is unpack your car, crack open a cold one, and sit back to relax in the pristine wilderness of the High Sierra.

Keep it Small.

Don’t worry about needing a big truck to haul outdoor gear, either. You can rent anything you need from local outfitters, from fishing poles and fly rods, kayaks, canoes and pontoon boats, to ATV/UTVs and hunting rifles or archery equipment. You can even hire experienced guides to get you to the hottest spots around.

You may wish to take some sightseeing trips while you’re here, because the scenery really is gorgeous. But that’s a fuel expense you can choose and control.

Do it your way.

  • Have special dietary needs? Just pack your cooler to eat the way you do at home!
  • Want to pack in a lot of adventure or just lie around dozing in a hammock all day? Either way, you set your own agenda and schedule, and can change it up spontaneously…with no alteration penalty fees!
  • And if you end up enjoying yourself so much you decide to stay another week, we can usually accommodate you one way or the other with the site and rig you’re in, or an alternative nearby.

The way we do things here at Bridgeport Vacation Trailer Rentals, you get the fun and convenience of a customized vacation in paradise, without all the cost and hassle. Just get yourself here (and here’s a great post to help you save on fuel on the way) and become our guest—we’re happy to handle all the rest!