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High Color Season Is Upon Us!

Summers, of course, are our “high season” for visitors here in Bridgeport and the surrounding area. Most kids have off school and the weather is fine, fishing season is in full swing and the lake waters are as warm and welcoming as they’ll be all year.

But it would be a mistake to think that other seasons have nothing to offer our guests here at Bridgeport Vacation Trailer Rentals! That’s right— we’re now just entering the full swing of the autumn color Leaf Peeping season!

As of September 21, according to the official Mono County website:

‘Still waiting’ is the best way to describe this week’s update, as many of our favorite fall color destinations are still pretty green. We are seeing groves of yellow/green aspens above the 9,500 foot level, which includes destinations like Lobdell Lake Road, Bodie Hills, Virginia Lakes and Rock Creek Lake.” 

As of that update, all were still entirely too green to upgrade to a “patchy 10-50%” designation. Sagehen Summit was the only location upgraded to the 10-50% range last week, and it will be the best bet for significant color this coming weekend. We expect this to be the first California location to reach peak color within the next 10-14 days.

It was 32 degrees in Bridgeport last Tuesday morning at dawn, so temperatures are working in our favor. We also received a fresh layer of snow on the mountain peaks (generally 10,500′ and above) Wednesday morning, which should also accelerate the process.

So if you enjoy a free feast for the eyes along with your outdoor recreation pursuits, by all means: