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How to Make a Reservation

  1. Add check-in/check-out dates (below)
  2. Select rental. Remember in the summer we go weekend to weekend. We will have to confirm each rental.
  3. Fill out form and payment.
  4. Note: On the Booking Confirmation page, please tell us your campground in the Notes section. Campground fees are not included in our reservation fees. Unless booking a fishing package only spring and fall at mono village

We will contact you via email about confirmation.

Important: We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to assess a $200 cleaning fee to any guest who leaves a trailer in a state that precludes a standard cleaning before being returned to rental service. We provide cleaning tools and products with each rental, along with specific instructions for occupants’ usage of these items to leave their trailer in rental condition after their stay. This helps do a light cleaning and thorough sanitizing before returning it to available inventory. Units left unacceptably dirty or missing any parts or amenities that existed before their previous rental require us to pay additional fees to our cleaners and/or for repair and replacement of such parts. This usually removes that unit from usable stock for a least a day, and this fee covers both of those costs.

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