COVID-19 Policies



COVID-19 Policies

COVID-19 and Your Trailer Rentals: How We’re Protecting You

Are we currently accepting reservations?

Yes. As long as the pandemic is going on, we will be asking for a minimal deposit instead of payment in full, at time of reservation.

I really want to come enjoy a relaxing vacation in the High Sierra, but I’m worried about possible virus that may exist in your trailers.

Whether there’s a pandemic or not, we take huge pride in the cleanliness of our trailers. We didn’t wait to be told by the government to do the right thing—we always use only EPA-approved cleaners, and our cleaning teams go through each RV thoroughly after each use.

In an effort to beef up our sanitization, we now provide extra cleaning products for our renters. We ask that you clean the rig before you vacate as best you can, so that our staff won’t be exposed to any contaminants you may have brought in from places you may have visited during your stay. If you’re arriving in early season, please note that our trailers have been sitting locked since October, and all are rigorously cleaned before the first rental.

Our Cancellation Policy during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Normally, we request a 30-day notice. At this point, we are asking customers to move the dates of their visit back to a time when we might expect the pandemic to be on the wane, now that vaccines are available and being administered. Another option is to use an existing reservation for next season.

Is Your Service Area Open for Business?

Currently, we are expecting our operations and the campgrounds we deliver to open April 1, 2021, concurrent with this year’s fishing season. If this changes due to shifts in government pandemic rules or weather, we will post about it here.

If you want to visit, but are experiencing financial hardship due to the pandemic, we want to help. Please call to make special arrangements for your reservation.

760-932-7740 ext. 1. Ask for Dani.