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Stop worrying: Stay safely in an RV this summer

As COVID-19 begrudgingly releases her terrifying grip on the world, people from all walks of life are emerging to find a much-changed landscape when it comes to planning their summer vacations. Where before the family might have gotten on a plane and flown to a distant location where they would stay in a hotel room, both of those activities have become somewhat fraught with fear over the lingering possibility of becoming infected with the dread disease.

It’s safe to say there are probably very few people whose lives haven’t been impacted in some way by the pandemic of the last year. And many are now seriously sick of the surroundings in which they’ve been hunkering down in isolation. But they are also wary of putting themselves at risk of becoming infected with coronavirus, right when they’ve finally been given the go-ahead to finally get out and about.

Just in time for summer vacation planning, industry groups are releasing data about their findings that camping and staying in recreational vehicles eliminate much of the anxiety about having to sit too closely with other travelers on airplanes and other common carriers, or having to use hotel rooms in buildings with shared ventilation systems.

Of course, this is no surprise to us. We’ve always known about the benefits of fresh air coming through the screens, the disinfecting properties of bright, happy sunshine, and the generally uplifting qualities of camping outdoors. After all, we were social distancing long before it was cool.

We invite you to discover for yourselves the joys of creating your own pseudo-isolation pod inside one of our modern, well-equipped, thoroughly sanitized travel trailers for your own safe, relaxing vacation. Commune with nature, strengthen your immune system with a long hike in the High Sierra, and wash away your cares in the sparkling waters of our area’s Alpine lakes and streams. Enjoy the closeness of family and good friends inside, while taking advantage of the world’s largest back yard.

Come stay with us at Bridgeport Vacation Trailer Rentals this year, and remember what a vacation should feel like.

BFEF June 2021 Trout Tournament

As we turn the corner and move into 2021, we’re all looking forward to returning to some level of normalcy. That should include marking your calendar now for the June 2021 Trout Tournament sponsored by BFEF (Bridgeport Fish Enhancement Foundation)! This is an important event for the Bridgeport community, and we all appreciate your support. This year’s tourney, sponsored as always by the Fishin’ Mission Foundation Inc., will be held on Saturday, June 26th.

This is a true family fun event: We have Men’s, Women’s and Junior (15 years old and younger) competition divisions. Adult entry fee is $75, and Juniors $40. Your entry fee entitles you to a great old-fashioned community dinner, complete with raffles, prizes, and free giveaways, plus — of course — a fantastic weekend fishing the Eastern Sierra! Non-participants who wish to join us for dinner only are $40.

The awards program will include a $500 Educational Award, given to one Junior participant. The $750 Special Cash Award will go to one BFEF TTT Club participant, and the $500 Adult Angler Award will go to someone from the Men’s and Women’s categories.

Space is limited to 200 dinners, so register early. If you have any questions, please call Ken at 714-227-0765 or email him. You can also call Ray at 760-616-4214. The BFEF’s mission is to enhance Bridgeport area trout fisheries, get kids hooked on fishing, conservation of Bridgeport area waterways, and support outdoor and local programs through nonprofit means. It is a 501c(3) organization. This event is funded, in part, by Mono County, 800-845-7922.

Biking in Mono County…and Beyond!

Whether you ride single-track routes through the forest or take advantage of lift-assisted Mammoth Mountain Bike Park, Mono County is a mecca for mountain bikers.  For road bikers, smooth asphalt roads with minimal traffic and awe-inspiring views make this a cycling paradise.

Here are a few resources for our biker friends who want to bring their rides along when they come to stay with us!

And one for the road…uh, trail! If you’re already hardcore, you might want to get a copy of this book before you head our way: Mountain Biking the Eastern Sierra’s Best 100 Trails.

Beginning Hiker Hacks

So you’ve booked your stay with us, and you’re starting to plan how you’ll spend your time here in California’s breathtaking Eastern Sierra. And you’ve decided one of the things you want to do is become more active. Good for you! Happy is as healthy does, and there’s no easier or more accessible way to start than by enjoying nature’s changing vistas on foot.

Hiking is a perfect activity for the whole family, and it can create a bonding experience like no other. But it does have its challenges, and even on novice level trails, you need to be prepared before trekking out into the wild.

We’ve put together a list of references for beginning hikers here, to help make sure your first forays into our wilderness wonderland are just the start of a long and happy hiking career.

Be serious about preparation and safety, so you can have fun out there and come back to stay with us for years to come!

5 Budget Travel Tips Every Digital Nomad Should Know

First of all, travel off-season. Check with the local tourism office to find out when their off-season starts when flying, either plan well in advance (ideally, 10 months to a year ahead) or at the last minute (two weeks or less before you leave) – these will give you the cheapest pricing. Try to be flexible- you can save on fares by travelling mid-week, or choosing sunny Varadero, Cuba, over sunny Cancun, Mexico. Save your health – check with your credit card company for existing travel or car insurance.

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Why You Should Spend Your Next Vacation in the Mountains

Getting away from clocks, social media, and the clutter of everyday life can be a great way to “reset” your life. There’s something about that sweet, clean, fresh air that city life doesn’t offer. Something about waking up to a few elk outside your door, or a gorgeous sunrise over the peaks convincing you to get out of bed that gives you a great mix of pleasant feelings.

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